Couture wedding gowns 

It would be required to book an appointment 9-12 months in advance before the wedding day. We will have a discussion about your dress followed by a sketch and 5-6 fittings. The initial deposit would be 25% , which is not refundable and mostly covers  the cost of the fabric. The average  price for a custom made dress would be approximately $8000-$11000 depending on the style. If you need a  more exact quote please email me with a full description and photos. For interstate and international clients,  who wont be able to come to Melbourne in person we can have a virtual appointment on Zoom. This service doesn’t include actual fittings and you would be required to provide us with your measurements , we will certainly guide and assist you with taking your measurements.  I am giving a 10%-15%  discount for an interstate and international clients,  which lets you alter the dress at your hometown if the necessity will arise. 

Ready made wedding dresses (made to order)

You could purchase ready made gowns in my online shop. Made to order option doesn’t include the fittings and usually applies to someone who lives interstate or overseas and don’t have the opportunity to come for actual fittings. It’s also suitable for a bride with a standard figure. The process of made to order wedding dresses starts with taking your measurements online via a virtual appointment or in person in our store.  Guidance and help would be provided for online clients. Made to order wedding dresses would be made in your closest size , we will consider your figure type as well. As this option doesn’t include the fittings , its common for dresses to have an alterations.   In house alterations are available at an extra charge.

Please notice we do not accept returns for couture wedding gowns and ready made wedding dresses.


Please  email me or call for an appointment.